Antipasto prosciutto, fresh ricotta on grilled baguette, olives and tomatoes;
Red lentil carrot and cumin soup finished with olive oil and black pepper;
Sous vide Lamb rack with tomato confit king oyster mushrooms and cous cous;
(can substitute lamb with beef striploin or choice of both for $5.00 more/pp)
Lemon sponge pudding with sour cream and raspberries
12-18pp@ 110.00ea + 14.30 HST + 16.50 (15% gratuity) total $140.80 (offered 7 days a week)

10-11pp@ 125.00ea + 16.25 HST + 18.75 (15% gratuity) total $160.00 (offered sun-friday)

8-9pp@ 155.00ea +20.15 HST + 23.25 (15% gratuity) total $198.40 (offered sun-friday)