Butternut squash-parsnip and pear soup finished with double smoked bacon and maple syrup;
Parsley risotto with sous vide tiger shrimp;
Choice of either a roast boneless Cornish hen or sous vide pork rib chop accompanied by Indian green beans and tomato;
Chocolate Swiss roll ganache coated filled with whipped cream, chopped Skor bar and raspberries.
12-18pp@ 90.00ea + 11.70 HST + 13.50 (15% gratuity) total $115.20 (offered 7 days a week)

10-11pp@ 110.00ea + 13.20 HST + 16.50 (15% gratuity) total $139.70 (offered sunday-friday)

8-9pp@ 130.00ea + 16.90 HST + 19.50 (15% gratuity) total $166.64 (offered sunday-friday)