Tilapia tomato salad finished with summer fresh herbs and extra virgin olive oil;
Baked Japanese eggplant with crispy bacon, cashews and miso dressing;
Chinese 5 spice pork or chicken breast option finished with honey accompanied with emerald green vegetables and oyster sauce;
Coconut sticky rice and purple yam scented with lime leaves and strawberries.
12-18pp@ $85.00ea +11.05 HST + 12.75 (15% gratuity) total $108.80 (offered 7 days a week)

10-11pp@$110.00ea +13.20HST +16.50 (15% gratuity) total $139.70 (offered sun-friday)

8-9pp@ $130.00ea + 16.90HST + 19.50 (15% gratuity) total $166.64 (offered sun-friday)